Black Pepper Chicken Dry !! Black pepper Chicken recipe !! How to make Pepper Chicken !!

  • 2 years ago
Black Pepper Chicken Dry !! Black pepper Chicken recipe !! How to make Pepper Chicken !!It's so delicious !!
This is my family's favorite recipe. A recipe for dinner, so tasty that I cook it very often. Any portion of chicken can be used for this recipe. Cook a delicious dinner in a pan. You will definitely like this delicious recipe. Have fun cooking!
Today i show how to make Simple Easy Chicken Leg Dinner in a Pan. If like this video please subscribe my channel & likes and comments my video.


Chicken 500g,
Onion Betesta 1/2cup
Black Papper 2tsp.
Salt To Tast,
Turmeric Powder 2tsp
Garlic past 1tsp
Ginger Past 1tsp
Cumin Powder 1tsp
Dried red chilly powder 2tsp
Cooking Oil 1/cup
Green Chilly 4p
Hot spices/Garom moshalla 1tsp
Water 1/2cup


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