4 months ago

More Joe Biden funny fails and gaffes, enjoy.

The Millennial Republican
Commenting sarcastically on Joe Biden delivering his 2022 state of the union address befor congress.

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Some comments made by our beloved celebreties, news outlets and politicians definetly deserve a humorous mention, the state of the union address 2022 was full of such statements in this short clip i make fun of two of my favourites. Namely the gaffe when he mentioned that, one can't build a wall high enough to keep out a vaccine and Nancy Pelosis weird dance, when he mentioned burn pits and toxic smoke. Have fun and a nice day everybody!

Disclaimer: This is a satire channel and the presented views DON'T necessarily represent the creators oppinons AND/OR THE TRUTH. It is ment to entertain and portray topics in a sarcastic and/or ironic manner for fun.

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