"PM Modi Is Dangerous For Rupee Value": Congress Takes a Dig As Rupee Sinks To 80 Against Dollar |
  • 2 years ago
Congress leader Supriya Shrinate blames PM Modi's government. She said, The problem and the denial of addressing the problem are one of the reasons for the collapse of the rupee under this government. The PM and his army were worried about the rupee when it was 58 and refused to say a word when it had reached 80. Is this pin drop silence going to resolve the problem?The first reason for the falling rupee is the ruined economy and high inflation. However, the game appears to be completely aimless once more. The first and immediate step that has to be taken by the government is to accept the fall of the rupee. To smell the morning coffee and understand that it reaches Rs 80.Listen to what Suprinath Srinath is saying on the fall of the rupee.

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