Parent to be how to adopt a more eco responsible lifestyle

  • 2 years ago
The birth of a child is one of the biggest upheavals in a lifetime.
This can be the perfect time to to change your your lifestyle and and adopt more more ecological gestures.

1. The ecological transition begins with your plate
- Avoid processed foods and cook.
- Eat organic.

2. Change the way you consume
- Buy second-hand.
- Get rid of what you no longer use (sale, donation...).
- Avoid cotton clothing that requires production requires a lot of water water and pesticides. Choose organic cotton, linen, hemp instead.
- Give preference to wooden toys.
- Choose recyclable or biodegradable materials (example: cloth diapers).

3. Eliminate toxic products from your environment
- Make your own your own cleaning products. Industrial products are harmful to the environment but also to your health and that of your baby!
- Use organic cosmetics cosmetics and hygiene products.

4. Educate the child as early as possible
- Teach them to sort waste with the goal of "zero waste".
- Limit the use of the car. Most daily trips are less than 3km. Walk or bike your child to school or to the store.
- There are also eco-nurseries.

For the time being, they are still few and far between, but they should become more common in the coming years.