Global warming, a threat to viticulture

  • 2 years ago
"Vineyards will be the first victims of global warming and its consequences because grapes are extremely sensitive to temperature change." Benjamin Cook, co-author of the study and a researcher at Columbia University
The disastrous consequences of climate change are no longer to be proven... including for vineyards.
Rising temperatures, lack of water, intense episodes of frost, high winds and fires... viticulture is well and truly threatened.
A rise of 2°C could lead to the disappearance of 56% of the world's wine regions and a rise of 4°C could impact 85% of the world's vineyards (these could disappear, produce less or of lower quality).
While France is one of the largest producers and exporters of wine, the map of wine regions could be turned upside down.
For example, in the south of France, some vineyards could disappear because of the lack of water, while in Brittany or in the north of France, new wine regions could appear.
From now on, the date of the harvest is 2 to 3 weeks earlier than before.
But harvesting with temperatures still in the summer can pose difficulties in the winemaking process.
For example, the bunches oxidize more easily.
Another consequence: the composition of the wines is altered.
The grapes are sweeter, the wines are richer in alcohol...
The question of the quality and conservation of future wines is therefore a problem.
One of the solutions could be the replacement by more resistant grape varieties or by the use of rootstocks.