11 months ago

Netflix: what carbon footprint do we leave when we watch 1 hour of streaming?

According to a 2019 report, video streaming accounts for more than 60% of global internet traffic.
But it is not very ecological: streaming constitutes 1% of CO2 emissions on a global scale.
Netflix has, for the first time, reported on its carbon footprint.
According to the platform, watching one hour of streaming generates less than 100g of CO2.
This is the equivalent of a fan (75 W) that works for 6 hours or an air conditioner (1000 W) that runs for 40 minutes.
But as the platform gains more and more subscribers, power consumption increases (data centers, Internet networks and viewing devices).
For the listed company, reducing carbon emissions is a major ecological and marketing challenge.
But unlike other web giants, it remains discreet about its environmental objectives.
For example, Microsoft hopes to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 Google. Facebook and Apple are also moving in the same direction.
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