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Angela DiMarco, Founder and ceo, The Uniquely U.Group, A DotCom Magazine Interview

Angela DiMarco, Founder and ceo, The Uniquely U.Group, A DotCom Magazine Interview

About Angela DiMarco and The Uniquely U.Group:

It is my great honor to start a business that will change the way we learn and grow. Uniquely U. is a paradigm-shifting, light-cultivating education technology platform that will enable amazingly fun and enlightening experiences. The concept for this platform was born from me tapping into my passions for connecting people, sparking the light inside someone and setting the table for amazing experiences. The eCampus will be a fantastic gathering of people from all walks of life with all different passions with the one common denominator being that everyone is authentically themselves.

Uniquely U.niversity offers:
A new way to learn anything you want.
A faster way to grow your brand or business.
Connection with like-minded, supportive community.
Opportunity to earn extra income from the comfort of your own space.
A chance to discover your unique qualities and what makes you tick.

Please join me on this amazing journey. Since you and I are connected here on LinkedIn, that means that you are perhaps meant to be a part of this in some way. Join my mailing list at FindUniquelyU.com and stay updated on the development of the business. It would be so great to have you aboard this crazy train. Hope to see you in there!

Uniquely U. is an online “extra education” and networking resource dedicated to serving anyone who wishes to know themselves better. We at Uniquely U. are creating a supportive community of people who are authentically themselves, lifting each other up to thrive and excel at work, life and happiness.

Our community is made up of people you might start chatting with in a coffee shop or know from a church group. Friends of friends from all walks of life. Our common thread is kindness and being open to discovering new things. From rough around the edges to shy to enlightened, we're commonly and passionately driven to learn, teach and connect. Seekers, dreamers, make-it-happeners. We inspire and lift each other up - ALWAYS up!

Our mission is to make business, self-betterment and life improvement guidance accessible to everyone, from mom & pop store owners and entrepreneurs to parents, artists and spiritual practitioners.

Uniquely U., a global platform, headquartered in New York, is a digital, non accredited, nondiscriminatory education platform available to members ages 10-99 (give or take a few years) from all around the world.

Both our local and international U-Instructors are hired as Independent Contractors and trained to teach their topics of choice from the comfort of their own locations.

To fully participate and gain all you can from your experience with Uniquely U., all that’s required is a computer with a camera and mic, a reliable internet connection, a sense of adventure and a fearless heart!


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