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WHAT IF…_ SEASON 2 - Teaser Trailer (2022) Marvel Studios & Disney+-(1080p)

Trailer movie
Trailer movie
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Take a look at 'SEASON 2 TEASER TRAILER' concept for Disney+ series 'Marvel's WHAT IF…?' (More Info About This Video Down Below)

Thumbnail Based On Amazing Artwork By maxdesign3d
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Logo Artwork By CHG Studio
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Inspiration behind this video:

The multiversal chaos of Marvel's What If...? season 1 and Spider-Man: No Way Home proved that He Who Remains was right to oppose the creation of a multiverse in Loki. The MCU's multiverse finally became a reality in Loki, when a variant of the trickster god was captured by the Time Variance Authority and placed on trial for the crime of creating a branched timeline. He learned reality naturally orients itself toward a multiverse, with potentially any moment serving as a nexus event that creates branched timelines. The TVA's job had traditionally been to destroy these branches, maintaining the existence of just the one so-called "Sacred Timeline".

Loki eventually managed to pull back the curtain and discover the true power behind the TVA; He Who Remains, a variant of Kang the Conqueror who had triumphed in the last multiversal war. As He Who Remains explained, when branched timelines become aware of one another the outcome is inevitable. Many will be peaceful, but some will not, and these branches will inevitably seek to demonstrate their superiority over one another. He Who Remains ended the last multiversal conflict using Alioth, a predator that consumes reality, and he established the TVA to ensure no new branches were created. His death, and the downfall of the TVA, led to the birth of a new multiverse.

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