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Career Coach Office Hours May 10 2022

02:11 Does not putting references on a job application reflect poorly on you?

03:45 I found one of the rejection emails I got today very annoying, the sentence that pi$$ed me off was "we’re moving forward with other candidates at this point that have a bit more relevant experience", Insinuating mine wasn't relevant.

05:37 I have been unemployed for 2 years from medical field, I got a contingent job standby offer, can I still negotiate the salary offer?

08:02 Is it appropriate to discuss salary during the first interview?

10:30 Are recruiters a waste of time?

13:33 Would you agree that the reason why so many businesses can’t hire top talent is because they don’t have the top talent to do the hiring?

16:06 What do people that work in staffing look for when headhunting for junior roles?

17:40 I worked on an as need basis on my last assignment. I haven't told the firm I'm interviewing with that and now they want to check references. What do I do?

19:31 I had an job interview today. It mostly went okay. I happened to say "...due to health reasons..." and they asked me what was the health issues if it wasn't too personal. I said that my dad had a stroke and has aphasia but the minute I said it my eyes filled with tears a little. I didn't cry but they definitely noticed it. One of the interviewer was very professional and understanding and asked a question that requires me to explain academic stuff I mentioned before. I went back to normal again. But I was wondering if watery eyes made me seem like unprofessional and immature?

21:30 Interviewer asked if I was also interviewing at other places. I panicked and said "no", because I thought it would hurt my chances if I were truthful and said "yes". Did I overthink, or was that the "right" answer?

23:27 What leadership style is the most effective?

25:31 There’s one woman I work in the same office with whom I’ve seen her emailing someone all sweet but then trashing them behind their back. She bcc’s the boss on everything….she’s just toxic. You can’t tell her anything because she’ll use it against you down the line. I loved wfh and am now in the office 5 days per week. How do you deal with difficult people at work?

27:12 How do I revamp my LinkedIn profile?

28:15 Why are the 'C' students that hire 'A' students still so insecure about not being an 'A' student?

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