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'Man fails to fight back tears after receiving a priceless gift reminding him of his late dog'

'This super emotional footage proves that even the strongest of men cry (and it's totally okay for them to do so).

Shared by Carol Eifert, this endearing video shows her husband, Vincent finding it extremely hard to fight back tears after being presented with a thoughtful gift.

"My husband lost his best friend, Kagger (14-year-old pitbull) on Christmas Day," Carol said. "My sister made him a special gift which was Kagger's picture with guardian angel wings attached to it. This was me giving it to him. He cried."

The filmer further stated that her husband had cried more times remembering Kagger than he had in the forty years of their marriage.

Name: Carol Eifert
Location: Roseburg, OR
WooGlobe Ref : WGA629375
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