8 months ago

Johnny Depp Jury deliberations begin in Amber Heard defamation trial

Jury deliberations in the high-profile defamation battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have begun after six weeks of trial in Virginia.
Mr Depp, 58, sued his ex-wife for $50m (£40m) for an article she wrote in which she claims to be an abuse victim. Ms Heard, 36, counter-sued for $100m.

Mr Depp's lawyer asked jurors to "hold Ms Heard accountable for her 'lies'".

Ms Heard's team, in turn, said it was Mr Depp who is a bully and abuser, not to be trusted.

The jury of seven must come to an unanimous decision for a verdict. They began their deliberations shortly after both sides delivered their closing arguments.

Benjamin Rottenborn, a lawyer for Ms Heard, reminded jurors of explicit text messages between Mr Depp and his friends, telling them he wanted to visit harm upon his ex-wife.

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