The Great Indian Income Inequality: Earn 25000 Rupees Or More? You Are Among Top 10% Wage Earners

  • 2 years ago
"Do you consider yourself among the richest Indians? or Middle Class or the poor? I consider myself among India's middle class. Many of you too, I'm sure. But are we really? How do we decide that? Then Here's another question: Is your salary above 25000 rupees or below 25000 rupees? 25000 is what probably a fresher earns in a white collar profession. This is still a very conservative estimate. Now some of you would say 25000 me kya hota hai? Considering the inflation, your travel, your food bills, your education loan EMI if at all, fees, other expenses, investment, after all of this how much will you be really able to save if your salary is 25000, right?
Now, why am I asking about this particular number is because this number is a parameter. Parameter of whether you are among the top 10% of Indians or the rest of the 90%. Shocked? I was too. According to a recent report, if you are earning 25000 rupees per month, that is 3 lakh rupees every year,you are the top 10 percent of the country’s wage earners. So, those earning 25000 or more, do you feel rich yet?
This reminds me of the 2011 report when the planning commission had said that if you earn 32 rupees per day, you are not poor and the 2014 report, when the Gujarat government under CM Modi had said that if you are earning 11 rupees a day, you are not poor. This had led to a massive uproar back then.
The latest findings are no different, they only highlight the huge income inequality in the country which has only increased post pandemic.
What this report says, and why we should take this seriously, let us understand in this video today.

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