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The Message Believer: William Branham vs. the New Covenant

The Christian faith has certain fundamental elements that separate the Christian belief system from that of other religions and show a transition from the Jewish faith into Christianity. They are doctrines established by Jesus Christ as described in the New Testament, and without these fundamental elements, one cannot be called a “Christian”. To firmly stand against these doctrines, in opposition to the words of Christ, one must use another name for their faith.

In later versions of William Branham’s stage persona, William Branham rejected the New Covenant of Grace, which was one of these fundamental elements. According to those versions of the stage persona, Branham did not accept the transition from the Old Covenant Law of Judaism to the New Covenant of Grace established by Christ. In fact, Branham claimed that Christ reinforced the Old Covenant Law to make punishments from the law more severe.

This is why Branham’s cult of personality uses the word “Message believer” to describe their faith instead of “Christians”. They are followers of Branham, and believe Branham’s version of the “Gospel” to be more trustworthy than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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