The Timeline of the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana

  • 2 years ago
Though William Branham used several dates on which he claimed to have had a series of "seven" prophecies, historians have generally combined them to call These self-proclaimed prophecies the "1933 prophecies". Branham — never having shown this alleged "paper" to anyone — claimed to have had written seven prophecies on a paper in 1931, 1932, or 1933 and buried them in the cornerstone of his Branham Tabernacle on the corner of 8th and Penn Streets.

There are significant problems with this claim, the biggest of which is that William Branham claimed to have read from the paper allegedly buried, during a sermon in 1960. In 1965 when Branham claimed to have buried the alleged prophecies, he claimed that the paper was buried "thirty-three years ago", which would be a burial occurring in 1932. Ignoring the fact that Branham read from the page allegedly buried under the church in "1933", the timeline is just as critical.

On our website, you can see a timeline of William Branham’s early church history, from his active work in Roy E. Davis’ Pentecostal sect in the early 1930s, to the burning of Davis’ church in 1934, and William Branham’s usage of Dan Davis’ arbor on 8th and Graham streets in 1935 before establishing the Branham Tabernacle that exists today on 8th and Penn Streets in Jeffersonville.

The timeline alone invalidates Branham’s self-proclaimed prophet status.

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