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When Doomsday Prediction Fails - William Branham's End of Days

Though William Branham would be most remembered by historians for his failed 1977 doomsday prediction, Branham frequently used mathematics and world events to hold people captive by the fear of total destruction. As publisher of The Voice of Healing, Branham and his associates published various predictions, claiming that the world would end as early as 1948. Like many other failed "doomsday prophets", William Branham did not simply have one failure; when one doomsday prediction failed, another doomsday prediction was declared. With each new prediction, Branham's cult of personality abandoned the old prediction and began declaring the new.

During the time that William Branham began working with Jim Jones of Peoples Temple and Jones became a leader in Branham’s “Message” Sect, William Branham leaned more heavily upon his doomsday predictions as a tool for keeping cult members held captive by fear. Branham’s 1954 doomsday prediction had failed, and Branham began proclaiming 1956 as the End of Days — claiming that there was no need for ministers to reach the lost — they’d either “accept it” in 1956 or they’d be “cast off”.

Later versions of his stage persona added a new twist to the doomsday prediction: There was no need to write history because we are “now at the end of the history of the world”.

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