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European Championships Munich 2022 - Cycling BMX/Road/Mountain Bike - Live!

The European Championships Munich 2022 is taking place from the 11th to 21st August 2022.

The sports programme features about 4,700 athletes competing for 177 medal events across nine sports. The nation finishing top of the overall medal table across all nine participating sports will be awarded the European Championships Trophy.

Munich's Olympic Stadium is the venue for the European Athletics Championships with the Marathon and Race Walking held in the city, with over 1,500 athletes competing in 50 medal events through 15th-21st August.

The CEV EuroBeachVolley is at the Königsplatz in downtown Munich through 15th-21st August, with 128 athletes competing in the men’s and women’s European championships over seven days.

The ECA European Canoe Sprint Championships is at the Munich Olympic Regatta Centre through 18th-21st August, with 675 athletes competing in 42 medal events over 4 days of competition. The championships will include 12 para canoe events.

Four UEC European Cycling Championships is in Munich and its metropolitan area. Track, Road, BMX Freestyle Park and Mountain Bike will attract 770 of the sport’s top names to the Olympiapark, Messe München and the streets of Munich to compete for 30 medal events over 10 days of competition.

The European Women’s and Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships is at the Olympic Hall in the Olympiapark from 11th to 21st August, respectively, with more than 300 athletes competing in 14 medal events over six days.

The European Rowing Championships is at the Munich Olympic Regatta Course 11th-14th August, with about 660 athletes competing for 22 medal events over four days. The championships will include 4 para rowing events.

The IFSC Climbing European Championships is at the Königsplatz from the 11th to 18th August with 300 climbers competing in 8 medal events over 7 days.

The European Table Tennis Championships is at the Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle 13th-21st August. Around 260 athletes will compete in 5 medal events over 9 days of competition.

The ETU Triathlon European Championships over the first weekend (12th-14th August) sees its cycling and running transitions in the Olympic Park with swimming in the Olympic Lake as around 120 athletes compete in 3 medal events over 3 days.

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