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Career Coach Office Hours March 15, 2022 |

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01:32 Coffee Toast
02:04 West Side Story

02:53 Why am I being asked to complete an application before an interview?

04:35 Is absentee leadership an effective leadership style?

05:59 I have applied for 650 jobs on LinkedIn but did not receive a response on a single application. Why?

07:51 Why do so many corporations prefer to employ a large number of underpaid employees where most are apathetic/incompetent instead of hiring a smaller number of employees who are passionate/competent and pay them more?

13:06 What's the difference between a Project Manager and a Product Manager?

17:39 I had an interview today, and I misunderstood one question and gave the wrong answer. Should I send a follow up email to the interviewer that I misheard the term on the question?

19:01 After doing a HireVue interview, I received an email that said. " There is no further action on your part of this interview. " Was I rejected?

19:58 Will updating my profile and resume on individual company careers sites flag an internal recruiter of my passive interest?

22:05 In your own opinion, is it okay to ask personal questions in your interview? Why?

23:04 How far back does HireRight go for background checks?

24:01 What matters for interviewers other than talent and intelligence?

25:08 Have you ever seen a job posting with such unusual, and unnecessary, experience required that you think it is written so than only a certain favored candidate would qualify?

27:03 Outro

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