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Full body workout at home latest steps | Robots workout | workout at home

Robots Workout
Full body workout at home latest steps | Robots workout |

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Hello Friends

You can keep yourself fit or slim by exercising daily at your home. Whether you are a man or a woman, always keep yourself fit. Do you want to stay fit then do daily workout with us and stay fit. Do you want to reduce obesity, then join us and you can join us for many exercises, you will be in profit.
If you want to stay fit then you have to do daily exercise.

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18:25 - Video total length
00:00 - Start video jumping jacks
00:55 - Side hope
01:55 - Mountain climber
02:45 - Donkey kicks left
03:40 - Donkey kicks right
04:35 - Burpees
05:30 - Flutter kicks
06:18 - Inchworm
08:18 - Plank
09:23 - Skipping without rope
10:24 - Mountain climber
11:08 - Donkey kicks left
12:01 - Donkey kicks right
12:51 - Burpees
13:38 - Flutter Kicks
14:22 - Inchworm
16:00 - Cobra stretch
16:40 - Child pose
17:22 - Lying butterfly stretch

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Some people may see my video titles as click-bait. YouTubers optimise their video's meta data for discovery due to how the algorithm is like. This isn't anything new. Most people who've been watching YouTube for years would understand this. If you're unhappy and get triggered by this, well, this channel isn't for you then. I’ve provided free workout schedules and programs since day 1 and have always optimised my meta data as such so that's not going to change.

Having said that, it doesn't mean the workout do not work. You will still see results by following a suitable program schedule, watching your diet, being in a deficit or surplus (based on your goals), doing exercises in good form, etc. These are all equally important factors. You're not going to get abs, grow a booty, grow biceps magically from 1 or 2 videos, in 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks cause everyone is different.

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