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William Branham and Alfred Pohl_ The Failed Healings

Alfred Pohl was a leader in Branham’s “Message” movement during the famous “Canada Revival Tours” that would define the post-1947 versions of Branham’s stage persona. Not only did he work with Branham on the platform, Pohl worked with Branham as he went from room to room allegedly healing the sick and afflicted in private. According to Pohl, this was an excellent opportunity to work closely with Branham and observe his methods. Many people were pronounced “healed”, and Pohl, as a believer, praised God with Branham and the patient.

What came later was disheartening. People remained sick. Many of them died. Pohl witnessed large sums of money passing from the patients to Branham, and they certainly did not get what they paid for. In his own words:

Time went on, the campaign ended, and Mr. Branham and his party were gone. Then we began to see the results being tested by time. It was a difficult time for us, and particularly for me. For one by one these that I had personally seen "healed" and declared so by the "healer," died. Our faith was severely tested. Relatives of the deceased ones would ask, "Why?" What could we tell them?

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