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Full body workouts 1st day | workouts at home

Robots Workout
Full body workout at home #1 day | Full body workout | Robots workout

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Full body daily workout.
Female fitness
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Full body workout first day.
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Video total length - 15:44

Start Video - High Stepping

Side Hop Exercise - 00:56

Squats Exercise - 01:57

Wall Push-ups Exercise - 03:04

Butt Bridge Exercise - 04:00

Fire Hydrant Left Exercise - 05:00

Fire Hydrant Right Exercise - 06:10

Plank Exercise - 07:00

Butt Kicks Exercise - 08:00

Squats Exercise - 09:00

Wall Push-ups Exercise - 09:51

Butt Bridge Exercise - 10:42

Fire Hydrant Left workout - 11:40

Fire Hydrant Right workout - 12:25

Cobra Stretch workout - 13:09

Child's Pose Exercise - 13:52

Knee to chest stretch left -14:30

Last workout
Knee to chest stretch right - 15:10

Hello Friends

You can keep yourself fit or slim by exercising daily at your home. Whether you are a man or a woman, always keep yourself fit. Do you want to stay fit then do daily workout with us and stay fit. Do you want to reduce obesity, then join us and you can join us for many exercises, you will be in profit.

If you want to stay fit then you have to do daily exercise.

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Full body workout first day

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