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Ukraine Unleashes Its Own Stealth Attack Drone on Russians

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
KYIV, UKRAINE — Ukraine has unleashed its own sneaky stealth drone on Russian forces, hitting high-value targets with small bombs that ignite huge explosions and cause massive damage. Here are the details:

The Times of London reports that the Ukrainian army is using a nimble stealth drone that has dropped many bombs on Russian forces.

Developed in Ukraine, the Punisher drone has a wingspan of 2,3 meters and is designed to attack enemy fuel storage, ammo trucks and electronic warfare stations up to 50 kilometers behind enemy lines.

The drone’s designers say its most powerful feature is that it’s very light and small, making it almost impossible to see with the naked eye or with radar — which is why they are very hard to hit.

The drones use an electrical engine, which also makes them very quiet, so they are very effective at sneaking over enemy lines and hunting high-value targets.

The drone is launched from a special catapult by a three-man team that can easily pack the system into an SUV and blend into the countryside. The operators control the drone remotely via a laptop.

It uses a powerful camera to search for targets. Once the operator clicks on a target, the drone flies to it and releases the bomb automatically.

The Ukrainian military says the drone can carry up to three bombs up to 50 kilometers behind enemy lines, flying at an altitude of up to 400 meters.

It says the system has been very successful at causing damage to Russian supply lines — and at keeping Russian soldiers nervously scanning the skies above them.

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