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5 months ago

PPN World News - 1 Mar 2022 • Ukraine vs Belarus • Zelensky Putin talks • Russian convoy nears Kyiv


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► Sources:
00:06 - Russia and Ukraine start ceasefire talks
(Reuters -
01:15 - Attack on Kharkiv was a war crime, says President Zelensky
(BBC News -
02:34 - Russia accused of using banned ‘vacuum bomb’
( -
03:38 - Shell joins BP exiting Russia over invasion
(Reuters -
04:34 - After EU restrictions, Russia bans flights from 36 airlines
05:26 - Putin’s ‘propaganda chief’ threatens West with nuclear destruction
(The Sun -
06:18 - EU rejects Zelenskyy's plea of an 'immediate' membership
07:15 - At least 20 dead in DRC after attack
(africanews -

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