The Solar System Song | Learn about Sun and the Planets

  • 2 years ago
The Solar System Song is a cool musical and educational song to teach kids about the sun, and the planets of our Solar System. Watch and learn about the Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We have also covered Pluto on popular demand. This song will introduce kids to the names of the planets in our Solar System and also tell about few properties of each planet.

Here are the lyrics of the Planets song:
Hi ! there fellows. I am the Sun.
I'll call the planets, one by one.

One, I'm Mercury,
closest to the Sun.
Hardest and smallest,
yeah!, I'm number one.

Two, I'm Venus,
smart and bright.
Hot and shiny,
and go most white.

Three, I'm earth,
the planet number three.
Full of life,
I'm a blue beauty.

Four, I'm Mars,
the red planet.
Now I live just across
I've got, two moons.
Phobos and Deimos.

Five, I'm Jupiter,
I'm the biggest
and I'm large.
I'm bright,
and I'm stormy
and I'm always on a charge.

Six, I've got a ring of dust,
my name is Saturn.
I'm large
and I'm cool.
And I'm made of Hydrogen.

Seven, I'm Uranus,
seventh from the Sun.
I'm blue and icy,
and full of fun.

Eight, I'm Neptune,
I'm farthest from the Sun.
It takes me years
to finish round one.

Nine, I'm Pluto,
I was too part of the mix.
I got fired,
for being small

So kids, today you met my team of planets
and one more. We are the solar system.
Hope you like our video.
Don't forget to subsribe,
for more fun.

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