Ditch These Supplements To Be Healthier in 2022

  • 2 years ago
Ditch These Supplements , To Be Healthier in 2022.
Supplements can be incredibly beneficial to our overall wellness — just not all of them.
Some of them may even
have negative effects.
Here are a few supplements that dietitians don't swear by:.
Apple cider vinegar can be incredibly useful in the correct context.
As a supplement?
Not so much.
Though there aren't many downsides
to taking a small dose of apple cider vinegar as a supplement, experts say
it won't do much either.
Green Tea Supplements.
Ingesting green tea in its liquid form
has many positive attributes, .
but the health claims made by green tea supplement manufacturers are baseless.
Touted as a helpful weight loss aid
that can reduce the risk of developing cancer, scientific studies
do not support such claims.
Vitamin A Supplements.
There is nothing wrong with vitamin A, depending on where you're finding it.
Experts say in supplement form, vitamin A may be harmful. Especially if you're already not getting enough from your diet.
Too much of it might result in headaches or nausea.
The over-consumption of vitamin A
can even cause birth defects
in pregnant women. .
Experts say to be safe, ditch the supplement and get your vitamin A
from fruits and veggies