Two golfing pals bagged stunning holes-in-one on the same hole in a game

  • 2 years ago
Two golfing pals bagged stunning holes-in-one in shots on the same hole in a game — beating odds of 17 million to one.

Andrew Booth achieved the feat first before his pal Simon Moss, 55, did the same just seconds later - his first ever hole in one despite playing the game for almost 40 years.

The pair completed the super-rare feat on the second hole at Normanton Golf Club in West Yorkshire during a Texas Scramble game that sees four players compete.

Andrew, a lecturer at a college, hit the first hole-in-one on the three-par hole with a nine iron club on Saturday, December 11.

The rest of the players decided to continue despite not being able to beat his feat.

Simon's son Jacob went next and landed the ball just 20ft from the hole.

Then Simon, who also used a nine iron, stepped up and saw his ball sail 10ft past the pin before spinning back and landing in the hole.

Simon, an engineer from Wakefield, West Yorks., said: “Andy went first and because it’s a par-three hole we could see it drop and we all cheered. It’s an elevated hole so we could see it clearly.

“It was a four-man team event so we won the points but thought we should carry on, so my son Jacob went next.

“Then I went and I put it on the green and it spun back before dropping. We couldn’t believe it.

“We cheered Andy’s but we thought just ‘never’ when mine went in. That doesn’t happen.

“We were all just in shock.”

After talking with a bookmaker friend, they calculated that the chances of it happening are around 17 million-to-one.

Simon, who has a handicap of two, had never hit a hole-in-one before, but Andrew has.

Simon said: “We keep trying, Andy has got one but for me it’s the first one in playing for more than 30 years.

“I’ve had some a few inches away, and one resting on the edge of the pin, but never a hole-in-one.

"It was just amazing really. You have more chance of winning the lottery."

And like all players who land a hole-in-one, it was their round at the clubhouse afterwards for anyone enjoying a drink.

Simon said: “We’ve put two bottles of whisky across the bar, so if anyone wants a nip, they can.”