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Mindy Kaling Mother and Comedian | The Breakdown with Bethany | MomCaveTV | Mindy Kaling Interview

Parenting editor Bethany Braun Silva interviews celebrity mom Mindy Kaling.

Mindy and Bethany discuss pandemic parenting, how she makes time for self-care, and so much more. Of course, in true Mindy fashion, she was as candid and friendly as ever. Stay tuned for more episodes of The Breakdown with Bethany coming soon!

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Here's a partial transcript. Read the entire interview at:

Hey, and welcome to The Breakdown with Bethany. I’m Bethany Braun Silva, and on this show, we’re going to be breaking it down with real moms on topics I absolutely love. We’re going to be talking about ambition, working, raising kids, mental health and anything and everything in between.

My first guest is the one and only Mindy Kaling, and I was so excited to talk to her. I got the opportunity to sit down with her thanks to my former job as the editor of Mindy and I chatted about everything… We talk raising kids in the pandemic, her own insecurities about motherhood, and how she makes time to stay healthy. So I hope you’ll check it out. And if you like it, be sure to let me know subscribe, like, and do all the things, and I can’t wait to bring you more interviews with some of my favorite moms, so stay tuned.

Hi, Mindy, thanks so much for chatting with me.


Hey, Bethany. How’s it going?


Good, good. I want to jump right in. And I’m wondering just what healthy habits you have or how do you make time for healthy habits? And that’s really both physically and mentally.

Mindy Kaling
Well, I think it’s, as you said, it is challenging, and for me, my entire life was uprooted and changed about a little less than a year ago with everyone else where I.. Now I work from home, I have two jobs and I take care of both of my kids at home and so for me,

--read the rest of Mindy Kaling's interview at:

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