2 years ago

WWF Smackdown October 28, 1999 | Smackdown Games Universe Mode #33

DX are back and they're looking to take out The Rock, Stone Cold & Kane.

Keep up to date with the Smackdown Games Universe Mode by following the Google Doc pages featuring superstar stats & show results: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Mea2zLJiKK2W6JZoTLc2gw3620C_80poDYdeBGMd7xs/edit


This series features matches & stories played throughout the various Smackdown games in chronological order, starting off with Smackdown 1 & Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role. Each episode blends real life feuds & storylines with much of what each games season mode has to offer in terms of cutscenes.

Community mods will be used throughout the series to help further capture the look of the World Wrestling Federation during the Attitude Era & beyond. Numerous video packages, show intros, & montages that aired on WWF programming will be showcased to help further paint the picture & bring the series to life.

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Results for the show seen in this video are below

1. Chris Jericho def. Stevie Richards