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how to set custom url for youtube channel in 2021 || (Get YouTube Custom URL) || Abtahi Hasan tech

Abtahi hasan Tech
how to set custom url for youtube channel in 2021 || (Get YouTube Custom URL) ||
Abtahi Hasan tech

Do you know how to create custom URL for your youtube channel? If no, then in this video Abtahi hasan tech will teach you how to make custom URL for youtube channel in 2021 Bangla. Custom URL is very important for a professional approach. It look very good when you share your youtube custom URL to anyone via Facebook or Whatsapp. But you need minimum 100 subscriber to create custom URL for your youtube channel. In this video will will walk you through complete step by step process, Cheers. Custom URL For YouTube Channel. Being able to change your channel URL and create your Custom URL on your YouTube Channel really helps with your branding and being able to have a YouTube URL that's easy to remember. If you want a custom URL for your YouTube channel, and you have the necessary 100 Subscribers that qualifies you for a Custom URL on YouTUbe, then this video walks you through step by step how you can set up your YouTube Channel URL so it's easy to remember. In this video we walk you through how to change your Custom URL for YouTube Channel so you can have the Custom YouTube Channel URL that you want. Make sure to watch this video all the way to the end as taking shortcuts can actually cause problems and bring up the wrong options for you on your Customisation area on your channel.

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