'Aussie woman demonstrates how one should proceed if their pet snake bites them'

  • 3 years ago
'Gripping footage has surfaced from Murrumbateman, Australia, which shows a woman demonstrating what needs to be done if one gets bitten by a Woma Python.

In this video, Elizabeth Donnelly-Coode can be seen dealing with her pet snake that is wrapped around her hand with her teeth glued to her arm.

"I bought Lilith the Woma Python about 2 months ago off of her previous owner, who said she was very food driven and prone to biting," Elizabeth wrote. "On this day, I was changing her water and checking if it needed cleaning. She, very gently but quickly, latched on to my hand, and I realized this would be a great teaching opportunity."

She added: "Getting bitten by a python is like being poked with about ten 2mm needles. Once she let go, there was no pain at all. I set up my phone and started showing the steps one would go through if their pet python did this to them. It's important not to freak out and try and pull your hand out."

"I posted this video so that others could learn that the worst-case scenario of owning a python isn't that bad."

These informational clips were filmed on September 21, 2021.

Name: Elizabeth Donnelly-Coode
Location: Murrumbateman, Australia'
WooGlobe Ref : WGA384729
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