Climate Change Poses Threat to Wine Industry

  • 3 years ago
Here’s how climate change is altering the taste and quality of wine.
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Wine production is a very sensitive process. Even the smallest changes in the climate or soil conditions of the grapes may alter the final product. In regards to the climate crisis, shifts in climate, weather patterns, and carbon dioxide levels can have a great impact on how wine tastes. In fact, it is possible that by the year 2100, the U.S. could lose up to 81% of its premium wine grape acreage. But even earlier, popular wine-producing countries like Italy, Greece, and France, could become completely inhospitable to grape production by 2050.

There are some technical solutions vineyards can do, like improving soil, water efficiency, moving planting to higher altitudes, and even changing the kind of grapes used for wine that’ll survive climate shocks. But the most important solution is climate action and mitigation of emissions.

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