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Facts You Didn't Know About Money Heist

Money Heist is definitely one of our favorite series so here are some facts about the series.
The series is a huge success even among celebrities and Neymar, the famous soccer player made a cameo appearance in the third season of the series.
When the series first began, they managed to produce it on a small budget and never left Madrid but Netflix came into the picture and granted them better means allowing the cast to travel.
The idea of naming characters by famous cities came to the creator of the series, Álex Pina, by seeing his colleague wearing a shirt with written “Tokyo” on it.
The production first wanted to shoot a big scene at The Royal Mint of Spain but despite their best efforts, permission was not granted and they had to find a similar location: The Spanish National Research Council (CSIS).
The series’ writers don’t know what’s going to happen next as they want to see how the audience reacts to some scenes and then they’ll decide what to do next. Risky but exciting.
The title’s show in English is “Money Heist” which is not even closed to the Spanish title, La Casa de Papel. Due to its international popularity, there are people that actually believe those are two different shows. The title translation would be “The House of Paper”.
The show was about to be canceled in Spain as numbers of viewers decreased but Netflix saved the series and the success was then international.