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Kutti Stories | Chapter 3 - Love is God | Libin Ayyambilly | Anand Manmadhan | Anna Prasad | Kutti Stories Originals

Kutti Stories
Kutti Stories
Watch & Enjoy Love is God From Kutti Stories Originals ✨ ✨

Written & Directed By : Libin Ayyambilly
DOP : Akhil Krishna
Editor : Joby M Jose
Music : Cebe Babu
Sound Design : Abhishek Cheriyan
Audiography : Sapthaa
DI :Moksha Post
Colourist : Manujith Mohanan
DI Conformist : Manujith Mohanan
Makeup & Hair Stylist : Noufiya Khader
Production Controller : Sahad Usman
Finance Controller : Sajith PY
Associate Director : Nithin Thilakan
Assistant Directors : Bala Govind ,Cyriac Jose Blair
Associate Cameraman : Nuru Ibrahim
Assistant Cameraman : Alen Joy
Production Executive : Jijo Easow Jose
End Titles : Chethan PJ
Designs : Yellowtooths

Anand Manmadhan as Varun
Anna Prasad As Zaya

#LoveisGod #KuttiStories

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