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“By God, I’ve never been more disgusted with my government than I am right now!” – Mark Levin goes nuclear on Joe Biden’s Afghanistan betrayal

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Mark Levin was on Hannity last night and he went nuclear on Joe Biden and his administration for leaving Americans and American allies behind to the Taliban in Afghanistan. It was fantastic: https://hocdethi.tranganhnam.xyz/2021/08/last-night-mark-levin-was-on-fox-news.html

If you don’t have a lot of time, skip to 3:18 because that’s where Levin begins to kick it into another gear. Here’s a snippet of what he said as he went nuclear:

It’s the Taliban who allowed Al Qaeda to attack us on 9-11. The Taliban. They have our equipment. They have our people. They have our allies. They’re going to threaten us. They’re working with the communist Chinese. They’re working with Putin. They’re working with the Iranians.

Listen to me America. Can you hear the screams of the people of Afghanistan tonight? Because they’re screaming! Can you hear the women being brutalized? Can you hear the bullets in the executions? Because it’s occurring, under the cover of dark! … While they’re celebrating at the State Department and Defense Department. And at the White House. And while they want to turn the corner and change the politics to human infrastructure of all things and to COVID-19.

By God, I’ve never been more disgusted with my government and the top brass of the United States military than I am right now! Listen! They’re screaming! Do you hear them?? They’re begging for help, do you hear them?? American citizens, they say, waited too long. Waited too long. While Joe Biden lied to us over and over and over again. This is a humiliation for our country. It is part of our history that can never be wiped away. And I feel so horrible for our American troops, our real soldiers who would not have tolerated this, but for General Austin, General Milley, and all the rest of them. And most of all, Joe Biden you have blood on your hands for the rest of your life.

Well said Levin. This truly is a humiliation for the United States and it’s all because Joe Biden is a ruthless coward.

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