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Worzel Gummidge S04E06 (1981) - The Golden Hind - Bernard Cribbins

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17 July 1981

The Golden Hind, a new fish and chips shop has opened in the village. As usual Worzel is wandering about the village and is attracted by the smell. He is just about to enter the establishment when he meets the shop’s mascot, a ship’s figurehead called ‘Jolly Jack’. He explains what fish and chips are and reveals that he is a friend of Saucy Nancy. Once the coast is clear Jack takes Worzel inside the shop and they help themselves to as much food as they can carry. A little later Worzel bumps into Aunt Sally who, smelling the chips, decides she wants some. He stubbornly refuses to comply with her wishes and she goes off to find her own, ending up working at the Golden Hind and meeting Jolly Jack - will she find love ?

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