Afghan pop star blames Pakistan for empowering Taliban; terms India 'true friend'

  • 3 years ago
Afghanistan’s famous pop star, Aryana Sayeed has blamed Pakistan for empowering the Taliban and expressed her utmost gratitude to India for helping Afghan people during the ongoing crisis. Sayeed fled Afghanistan after the country was taken over by the Taliban.

“They're being instructed by Pakistan, and their bases are in Pakistan where they get trained. I hope the international community, first of all, cut their funds and don’t give funds to Pakistan so that they don’t have enough money to fund the Taliban."

“I blame Pakistan. By now, over the years, we've seen videos and evidence that Pakistan is behind empowering the Taliban. Every time our govt would catch a Talib, they'd see identification and it'd be a Pakistani person, it's very obvious that it's them," she added.