THESE MESSI WORDS SHOCKED EVERYONE! - ( at his final press conference ) LIONEL MESSI PSG

  • 3 years ago
THESE MESSI WORDS SHOCKED EVERYONE at his final press conference

The fact that Leo Messi’s era at Barcelona seems to be over keeps breaking the heart of the entire football world. And whereas previously the “Blaugrana” fans were still hoping for the Argentinian to stay, today’s press conference pretty much clears it all up.

All that we were afraid of has eventually happened as Lionel Messi touchingly bid farewell to the club and fans. Make sure to watch the video till the end, and you’ll get to know the most interesting moments from the press conference and more.
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The football world on Messi leaving Barcelona

Leo’s departure obviously could not leave all the players and coaches indifferent, as well as fans and pundits around the globe. The entire football family couldn't ignore that shocking news indeed. And the Argentinian, of course, fully deserves that attention and even more.

Let’s begin with former Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola, who went on to praise and thank Lionel. Here’s Pep’s quote:
“It was a surprise for everyone, including myself. Being a football fan, I have incredible gratitude for the most extraordinary player I have seen in my life, for the titles he helped to win for Barcelona, and for helping me personally. All I can say is thank you so much for bringing Barcelona to another level, to allow Barcelona to dominate the world for a decade, and I wish him the best for the last few years of his career. He will not be forgotten.”

Long-time Leo’s teammate Sergi Busquets became the first Barcelona squad member to say goodbye to Messi:

“I’m still trying to digest all of that, and I know how difficult it’s going to be; I can only thank you for everything that you did for the club and for those who have accompanied you in these years, and especially towards me.

You first came here as a child and became the best player in history, having made this club grow to the glory it deserves. I can always say that I played and shared many moments with you, most of which were very good. I’m happy about the friendship we made, and I miss you so much. I can only wish you and your family all the best because you fully deserve it. Everyone will miss you,” Busquets posted via Instagram.

Though, the news about Messi’s departure has shocked not only the people related to Barcelona. Thus, for example, Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema has posted the following story via Instagram. It appears to fairly well emphasize the feelings of the majority of football fans at that moment.

Football pundit and former English striker Gary Lineker has given a scathing reaction on his Twitter page: “How on earth have Barcelona got themselves into this predicament?” And also added: “Tens of millions around the world watch and are interested in La Liga (not all of them