2 years ago

'Groom Surprises Bride with Epic Dance at Wedding Reception'

'Well, there's no doubt "That's What she Likes" and by she, we mean the gorgeous bride watching her husband put on an epic dance performance for her at their wedding reception.

The filmer, Samantha Carr wrote: "So, just when we thought this wedding reception couldn't get any more wonderful, the groom decides to dedicate a special performance to his wife."

She added: "He danced to 'That's What I Like' by Bruno Mars and literally stole the show."

Even though the groom appears to be doing pretty well, the dance routine gets even more amusing, thanks to the constant interference by the little lady running all over the place.

When all is said and done, the groom gets lauded by the guests and his wife, for whom the whole thing was set up in the first place.

Name: Samantha Carr
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