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how to drive a car in tamil for beginners explained the parts and features part -1 |auto drive tamil

How to drive a car without fear in the roads
And explained what are the parts and normal features in car for beginners who are learning to DRIVE a car

Driving tips and tricks
0:00 - intro
0:45- explained why L-board
1:06 - explaining how to adjust seat
2:27 - telling about side mirrors and how to adjust correctly
3:17 - how to steer a car
4:08 - teaching the concept of accelerator , brake and clutch pedals (uses)
4:57 - how to shift a gear in car properly
6:46 - how to use handbrake and what is the use of handbrake
7:46 - explained the speedometer how it's works
8:39 - how to put indicators,lights and wiper in a car
10:07 - how to turn on AC and the function of ac how it works
11:09 - finally how to start a car
12:00 - thanks for subscribers and viewers and (safety tips while driving a car )


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