Saath Nibhana Saathiya Shivratri episode

  • 3 years ago
Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Plot

The story is shown to be the future after the events of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.

The series opens with the Modi family missing Ahem (who was shown to be dead in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya) tremendously on his birthday. Kokila decides to visit her long-lost brother, Praful Desai, who lives in Surat. Praful's family consists of him, his wife Jamna, his sons Anant, Pankaj and Chetan, his daughters-in-law Kanak and Hema and their innocent and hard-working house worker Gehna. She is treated very badly in the Desai Mansion.

As the Modis visit the Desais in Surat, it is revealed that Ahem is alive and that he is renamed Gopi after the tattooing on his hand. Gopi realizes that Ahem has lost his memory and she plans with Gehna on how to regain his memory. Soon, Kokila and Anant comes to know that Ahem is alive and Kokila almost meets with an accident. Meanwhile, Kanak, Hema, Chetan and Pankaj plan on how to loot Praful's wealth. Once Kanak comes to know about Gopi and Ahem. She vows to ruin Gopi's relationship with her current husband Jaggi. One day, as Gopi and Anant spoke, Anant revealed that he has fallen in love with someone. Gehna gets Gopi ready for the Dandiya Night and Kanak decides to evaluate her plan by inviting Jaggi the same day of the Raas. Later, Ahem regains his memory and recognises everyone and reunites with his family, while a sad and depressed Jaggi looks at Gopi bonding with Ahem. Later, Sagar attempts to molest Gehna and Anant rescues her while Anant's girlfriend, Radhika visits the Desais. Later Desais decide to get Gehna married. A string of trying situations eventually lead to Anant marrying Gehna in order to protect her honour.
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