2 years ago

144 Things You Missed™ in The Final Destination (2009)

Samuel Fly
REST IN PIECES. Did you know about the HUGE CONNECTION found on one of the movie posters in the theater scene?

For the fourth Final Destination, directing duties were, for whatever reason, turned back to Final Destination 2's director, David R Ellis. The Final Destination would not be the last in the series as the title suggests, but it would pull out all the stops, at least in terms of hidden secrets, callbacks and easter eggs.

It's said best by the coroner William Bludworth himself, "In death, there are no accidents, no coincidences, no mishaps and no escapes." So items that I may have otherwise chalked up to coincidence and left off of an episode of Things You Missed™ and going to be included in my episodes on the Final Destination franchise.

From the recurring appearances of the letter X, to references to Paris and Flight 180 from the first movie, The Final Destination is now the new record holder for most Things You Missed™ in a single episode.

I'll be covering them all, including the messages hidden on the race car advertisements; references to hell, the devil, luck, chance and fate; secret signs, omens and premonitions; connections to every Final Destination movie; examples of Death using water or liquid, text hidden on books and newspapers and much, much more! Maybe you'll even gain an appreciation for this movie? (Unlikely.)

Yeah, I'll also be going in on this movie a bit, but I'll try to keep it as limited as possible.