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Fuwairit Beach Doha Qatar / Beautiful Beach in Doha Qatar / Snorkeling in Fuwairit Beach Dailymotion

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Hello YoUtUbE..
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This is all about my life experiences as an OFW. Filipino working in a foreign country. Visiting places and some adventure with my family back in the Philippines. Traveling the world and trying new things in life. ✈Trying new foods and experience other cultures and traditions.
I will share my life experiences with all of you.

Just keep in touch by leaving your comment and suggestion. If you are willing to see my journey don't hesitate to subscribe and hit the notification so you will be notified if I have new upload. I upload videos almost every week.

We don't stay in this world forever, but we leaved memories for others to remember.

Remember this ; You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the sea

Channel topic;
*Educational Channel in the Philippines
*Travel Vlogging in the Philippines✈
*Food Vlogging in the Philippines
*Photograph and videography Channel
*Life style Vlogging in the Philippines

People who Influenced me ;
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Disclaimer : This video is for entertainment purposes only.
I upload video almost every week

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