Every Power Rangers Sixth Rangers | Transformation, Power-Up & Finisher | PowerRangers

  • 3 years ago
Sixth Rangers are Rangers who are generally introduced outside of the core team. In most occasions they are the 6th to be introduced. However, the term of 'Sixth Ranger' also applies to anyone outside the core team that starts regularly joining in battles. Sixth Rangers typically take on colors that are not used by the core team, though there are a few exceptions. There have been 22 official sixth Rangers, with the Aquitar, Turbo, Lost Galaxy, and Jungle Fury Ranger teams lacking official sixth Rangers. RPM, Megaforce/Super Megaforce and Beast Morphers have two sixth Rangers. Mighty Morphin however, has two sixth rangers who happened to be the same person. Lightspeed Rescue has a Sixth Ranger that is completely American-made as its Sentai counterpart does not have a Sixth Ranger. In the case of Lost Galaxy, the sixth member to join the team is not officially called a Sixth Ranger despite technically being the sixth ranger on the team.

All Sixth Ranger Transform, Power-up & Finisher:

1. Mighty Morphin - The Green Ranger
2. Mighty Morphin - The White Ranger
3. Zeo - Zeo Gold Ranger
4. in Space - Silver Space Ranger
5. Lost Galaxy - Magna Defender
6. Lightspeed Rescue - Titanium Ranger
7. Time Force - Quantum Ranger
8. Quantum Ranger (Mega Battle)
9. Wild Force - Lunar Wolf Ranger
10. Ninja Storm - Green Samurai Ranger
11. Samurai Ranger (Super Samurai Mode)
12. Dino Thunder - White Dino Ranger
13. White Dino Ranger (Super Dino Mode)
14. S.P.D. - Omega Ranger
15. Mystic Force - Solaris Knight
16. Solaris Knight (Ancient Mystic Mode)
17. Operation Overdrive - Mercury Ranger
18. RPM - Ranger Operator Series Gold
19. RPM - Ranger Operator Series Silver
20. Samurai - Gold Samurai Ranger
21. Gold Samurai Ranger (Mega Mode)
22. Megaforce - Robo Knight
23. Megaforce - Dark Robo Knight
24. Super Megaforce - Silver Ranger
25. Silver Ranger (Gold Mode)
26. Dino Charge - Gold Ranger
27. Gold Ranger (Dino Drive Mode)
28. Gold Ranger (Dino Super Drive)
29. Ninja Steel - Gold Ranger
30. Gold Ranger (Ninja Master Mode)
31. Gold Ranger (Ninja Super Steel Mode)
32. Gold Ranger (Lion Fire Mode)
33. Gold Ranger (Superstar Mode)
34. Beast Morphers - Gold Ranger
35. Beast Morphers - Silver Ranger