One Step Beyond S1E17 THE HAUNTED U BOAT

3 yıl önce
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Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond (also known as One Step Beyond) was an American anthology
series created by Merwin Gerard. The original series was broadcast for three seasons by
the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) from January 1959 to July 1961

Created by Merwin Gerard and produced by Collier Young, One Step Beyond was hosted
by John Newland, "your guide to the supernatural" (also credited as "Our guide into
the world of the unknown"). Newland, who also directed every episode, presented tales
that explored paranormal events and various situations that defied "logical" explanation.
Unlike other anthology programs, the ABC network series episodes were presented in the form
of straightforward 30-minute docudramas, all said to be based on "human record"
(implying historically-factual events); however, the incidents depicted were closer to popular
urban legends dramatized for the screen. The program included the corporate name of sponsor
Alcoa in its title for its initial run. In syndication, the program title became simply One Step Beyond.

One Step Beyond filled the time slot at 10 p.m. Tuesday vacated by the crime/police reality show Confession.

Among its varied tales, One Step Beyond dealt with premonition of death ("The Lincoln Assassination")
and disaster ("Tidal Wave", "Night of April 14th"); astral projection ("The Long Call"); the existence
of ghosts ("The Last Round", "The Death Waltz"); and wildly improbable coincidence ("Reunion", "Death
on the Mountain", etc.). Paula Raymond appeared in the third episode of the first season, initially
broadcast on February 3, 1959, in the episode titled "Emergency Only," which also memorably featured
Jocelyn Brando as a screaming fortune teller at a party.

LikeThe Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond is a hosted anthology series about other-wordly phenomena. But it
actually debuted nine months before The Twilight Zone. And while The Twilight Zone was explicitly a
fictional show (with both science fiction and fantasy episodes), One Step Beyond purported only to tell
stories based on "human record" (documented historical events). Joan Fontaine and Warren Beatty play husband
and wife in a particularly haunting episode titled "The Visitor."