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The Roy Rogers Show s02e11 Loaded Guns

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The Roy Rogers Show is an American Western television series that broadcast 100
episodes on NBC for six seasons between December 30, 1951 and June 9, 1957.

The show starred Roy Rogers as a ranch owner, Dale Evans as the proprietress
of the Eureka Café and Hotel in fictional Mineral City, and Pat Brady
as Roy’s sidekick and Dale's cook. Brady's Jeep Nellybelle at times had a mind
of her own and sped away driverless with Brady in frantic pursuit on foot.
Animal stars were Roy's Palomino horse Trigger and his German Shepherd
Bullet, the "Wonder Dog".

As with many other Western films of the 1930s–1950s, the Roy Rogers Show featured
cowboys and cowgirls riding horses and carrying six-shooters, but unlike traditional
westerns, the series had a contemporary setting with automobiles, telephones,
and electric lighting. No attempt was made in the scripts to explain or justify
this strange amalgamation of 19th-century characters with 20th-century technology.
Typical episodes followed the stars as they rescued the weak and helpless from
the clutches of dishonest lawmen, con artists, bank robbers, claim jumpers,
rustlers, and other "bad guys."

In addition to traditional Western plot themes such as cattle rustling and
bank robberies, the program featured more contemporary topics, including gun
safety and conservation of natural resources. "Many of the shows expressed a
moral, and several preached a Christian message."

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