Our 3 Favorite Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for a Chill Winter

  • 3 years ago
Whether or not you attempted Dry January, the world of nonalcoholic cocktails has never been more enticing.Here are three of our favorite non-alcoholic bottles—and three great cocktails to make with them:.We love the bitter backbone of a good amaro, and Ghia delivers the same appeal with none of the alcohol.To make a Ghia Sour, shake Ghia, simple syrup, and some blood orange juice.Something like a good sweet vermouth, Proteau Ludlow Red is designed to be sipped with food.Proteau, club soda, and a fragrant garnish of rosemary and lemon will give you an excellent Highball.Lyre's Italian Orange is another nonalcoholic favorite that's delicious as an aperitif.Stir the Italian Orange with honey and hot water, then add grapefruit and star anise to make a Lyre's Italian Orange Toddy