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Immortal Hero M2 Music Video Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Makyanz TV Gaming
It's almost time for our heroes+ to begin their journey. ⏳ Fans are welcome to embrace the official #M2 theme song as teams prepare to join the fight! ⚔️

Title: Immortal Hero

Catch M2 LIVE from 18-24 January and find out who will be the Immortal Hero!

Label/Record Company: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Music By: Eternal Gosh!
️ Produced by: Elton Ahi & Tao Liu
✍️ Lyrics By: Elton Ahi & Ling Li
Composer: Han Nay Thar

#MLBB #MobileLegends #MLBBEsports #MobileEsports #JointheFight #VisitSingapore

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