Want a happy girlfriend? ALWAYS STAND UP TO YOUR MOTHER!

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The true roots of a happy marriage...

8 January 2021 Call-In

Stef, last week I basically got fired for my online display of my world-views and extreme opposition to masks and lockdowns. I've already lined up a new job in a better location with more pay. I'm all set, and life goes on so I'm not dwelling on it.

What I am dwelling on, is my father's response to this. I live states away and am independent from him financially, but we call each other usually about twice a month. He's a self made man who came from nothing and worked really hard to get to the place he's at today, which I've really learned to respect, admire and be inspired by.

He says that he's viciously opposed to and disagrees with all of the demoralizing of the west happening right now. We talk about it all the time, and he seems genuinely aware of the communistic monster that's being disguised as "protection of our health against a DeAdLy virus"... Which is what made his response to what happened with my job so hard for me to understand... This is what he said when he found out:

"Your social media isn’t that hard to find. Plus your face is all over it. If you think logically, you work in a high risk environment. These companies that own facilities like the one you work at must take every precaution to protect their residents. If they have an outspoken employee that doesn’t believe in the protocol that is required to protect the residents, then they have to look into it.

You have to conform to the rules laid down even if you don’t agree with them. The only way out is to be self employed. Even then you have to conform to rules laid down by authority."

I know there's a little bit of truth in that statement, but... I'm really torn on how to approach him about this going forward because I don't feel we disagree with most of the tyranny, but he seems to be validating it and I don't know what to do to show him the error of his thinking and the importance for me to continue to be outspoken about it in like-minded communities both online, and in person.

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