Rev. Raphael Warnock Defeats Republican Kelly Loeffler in Georgia

  • 3 years ago
Rev. Raphael Warnock Defeats
Republican Kelly Loeffler in Georgia.
The Associated Press has projected
Democrat Raphael Warnock’s victory over
his Republican opponent in Georgia. .
As of Wednesday morning, Warnock
holds 50.6 percent of the vote with
over 2.2 million votes. .
That’s a lead of more than
40,000 votes over Kelly Loeffler.
Warnock’s lead is outside of the
.5 percentage point margin, meaning Loeffler
will not be able to request a recount. .
We were told that we couldn't win
this election … But tonight we proved
that with hope, hard work and the people
by our side, anything is possible, Raphael Warnock, via NPR.
In Georgia’s other Senate race, Democratic challenger
Jon Ossoff has taken a slight lead over David Perdue.
On Wednesday morning, Ossoff declared victory on the uncalled race with a lead of just over 16,000 votes. .
Although the race is still within the
recount margin, much of the remaining votes
are coming from Democratic-leaning areas. .
The results of these runoff elections are
key to control in Congress, as Democrats already
hold both the House and the presidency. .
If both Warnock and Ossoff win, soon-to-be
Vice President Kamala Harris would be able
to break any ties in the 50-50 Senate, giving
Democrats control there as well. .
Senator Chuck Schumer would also unseat current
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democrats
would control committees and the floor schedule.