The ice cream truck with Tiny Town: Learning with Street Vehicles Ambulance Police Car Fire truck

  • 3 yıl önce
Welcome to Tiny World ! Lot's of fun learning Cartoon for Children with Street vehicles and Constructions Trucks. Let's play with the Tiny Trucks Cartoon and the Tiny Town series for Kids, with the Street Vehicles like the Police Car, the Fire Truck or the Ambulance and the Constrction Vehicles like the Crane Truck, the Bulldozer or the Excavator.
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Tiny Town is the where the world’s smallest cars live. It is a colorful place where tiny cars live and play happily together. Each episode is an excuse for us to see them doing something thrilling or not.
Tiny Trucks is a construction cartoon for kids with Charlie the crane, Billy the bulldozer and Ed the excavator. These construction trucks assemble pieces like Lego to build many things. Through this game, they learn colors and forms while having great fun! Discover the adventures of construction trucks in this learning cartoon for kids!
Charlie the Crane, Billy the Bulldozer and Ed the Excavator are the ingenious Tiny Trucks. Those small but clever construction trucks assemble pieces of funny trucks and attractions. Ice cream trucks, giant slides, fire trucks, and so more. Learn and have fun with the Tiny Trucks.

Tiny Trucks Cartoon for Children with Tiny Town and the fire truck, the Police Car and the Ambulance

TINY TOWN - a colorful place where tiny cars live, the Polce Car, the Ambulance and the Fire Truck

TINY TRUCKS - the construction cartoon for kids with Charlie the crane, Billy the bulldozer and Ed the excavator

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