Nazli | Episode 14 | Turkish Drama | Urdu1 TV Dramas | 17 December 2019

  • 4 yıl önce
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Ozan, an irresponsible man, was raised in luxury. His father a big businessman, sends him to his aunt's house who lives in a village. Not accustomed to the village life he plans to escape, but then he meets Nazli and is captured by her beauty and simplicity. Nazli was raised by Fatima when she lost her mother and was left by her father at an early age. Nazli doesn't like Ozan at first but then circumstances change. Fatma asks them to get married, but Ozan doesn't want marriage and escapes on the wedding night. Nazli can't get over with Ozan's escape and decides to go to Istanbul and kill Ozan to restore her honor. Reaching Istanbul Nazli’s life takes an unexpected turn and she steps into a new glamorous life now, to take revenge from Ozan.

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